Matt Jones Matt Jones | 04 Jun 2024

So, what is Headless?

I could say that it’s a content management system that separates content from its presentation, but that doesn’t really tell you very much. It’s more effective to talk in terms of benefits. So here we go:

Omnichannel: This is just a fancy term meaning delivering content across multiple channels. For instance, one of our airport clients needed their content displayed on various screens throughout the airport. Traditional CMS couldn't handle this complexity, but Headless could.

Cloud-Based: Headless CMS is typically a Software as a Service (SaaS) product. This means no more expensive upgrades. Those familiar with traditional software know the costs and headaches of constant updates.

Security: As a SaaS product, a Headless CMS benefits from continuous security updates. Traditional CMS platforms rely on patches, which can often take months to release, leaving websites vulnerable.

Flexibility and customisation: Headless CMS allows developers to use any programming language or framework for the front-end, providing greater flexibility and customization options to create unique user experiences.

Scalability: Because Headless CMS is decoupled from the front-end, it can scale more easily to handle large amounts of traffic and data. This is particularly beneficial for businesses expecting growth.

Performance: By separating the back-end and front-end, Headless CMS can improve site performance. Content is delivered through APIs, making it faster and more efficient.

Future-Proofing: A Headless CMS can adapt to new technologies and platforms as they emerge, ensuring your content strategy remains relevant and up-to-date.

Is Headless the ultimate solution for web technology needs? It can be for many organisations, but the answer is more nuanced. Headless can be a perfect choice for many, but deciding if it’s right for you requires a more detailed analysis.

To help you make an informed decision, we've developed a 5-stage platform process that explores all angles and provides a solid recommendation based on sound logic.

Interested in learning more about Headless? Contact me to set up a call. Let's explore how we can meet your content management needs effectively.