Amy  Willoughby Amy Willoughby | 27 Nov 2023

Rising consumer demands are calling for better online functionality. 

Today's customers are savvier, their needs complex, and trust is a delicate construct that can crumble faster than it is built. Crucial to establishing this trust are the initial impressions and interactions with your website—an experience that must be seamless, engaging, and, above all, user-centric.

As the face of your business, getting your site right is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. To stay ahead of the curve, regular assessments of your tech's performance are critical.

But where do you start when it comes to benchmarking? To help you, we’ve put together the three key areas to discern whether or not your website is performing as it should.

Front-end user experience

Your website front-end is crucial to user experience. A key area of focus is to benchmark if you’re hitting the right mark with your user journey. Visitors don't always follow a linear path; your front end must accommodate their unpredictable journeys to meet their needs at every stage. Does your existing navigation cater to all touchpoints?

Customers want to access the information they need from you regardless of their intent, be it to purchase, to gather information, or to try and contact your business. They want this information effortlessly and quickly.

Expectations of service are high, but customers increasingly want the barrier to entry to be low. If your website's front end lacks these essential qualities, visitors are likely to navigate away in search of a site that aligns with their needs.

Back-end operations

While your front end represents what users see, the back end is where the operational magic happens. It serves as the engine that drives your day-to-day functionality, ensuring all your systems work together harmoniously. This might include external databases, ordering systems, your CMS, CRM, diary management, or accountancy software, among other vital tools. 

A neglected back end can lead to operational inefficiencies, data silos, and scalability issues. Compliance and security can be compromised, leading to increased costs and diminished customer satisfaction. Seamless integration between your website and internal systems breaks down silos, boosting efficiency and elevating customer service.

If you’re starting to notice some of these challenges, it’s a good indication that your back-end operations aren’t running as smoothly as they should be. Conducting an audit would be an effective way to highlight the challenges you need to overcome. 

Automation and efficiency

There are times when your customers need a human touch. Equally, there are elements where consistency and efficiency are more important. This is where automation can be transformative for your digital platforms.

Auto-generated systems can automate repetitive tasks, saving time and mitigating the risk of human error. 

Before you start, It’s crucial to ensure that the processes you are trying to automate are not broken. Automation will significantly enhance efficiency when used in the right way, but it is not a silver bullet for underlying process issues and can compound existing problems. 

Regardless of where you are in your automation journey, for optimum efficiency, it is crucial first to streamline and optimise your workflows ahead of adding automation. 

Ensuring optimal performance

The performance of your website is integral to your success, but all components need to be considered simultaneously. Front-end user experience, stable back-end operations, seamless automation and considering your tech efficiency all play a vital role in the success of your website.

How do you know if your website tech is performing as it should? The best first step is to benchmark its current performance, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. As technology evolves and customer needs grow, regular assessments and updates are crucial. Much like an MOT for your car, this ensures your website stays ahead of the game. Without it, you risk falling behind. 

Are you worried your digital experiences are holding you back? Our Discovery sessions are perfect to help you evaluate the performance of your web tech. Contact us today at 0114 279 7779, or you can use the contact form provided to see how your site is performing. We’ll identify key target areas we can work on to propel your business forward.