London Luton Airport

Digital transformation for a major UK airport

A digital transformation for the UK's 5th largest airport

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Setting our sights to the sky

London Luton Airport, one of the largest airports in the UK, looked to transform their web presence with the aim of improving communication with travellers, increasing online revenue, and launching a fresh new brand. This was part of LLA’s wider strategic business transformation project, with the aim to double passenger numbers by 2025, breaking the duopoly of London’s Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

LLA would be positioned as an alternative option for travel to and from London. LLA was the 11th largest airport in the UK when we started working with them - they’re now 5th.

Online user journeys, in the service of journeys by air

Travellers often rely on online resources to get the most up to date information across various stages of their journey. Before their arrival and during their stay at the airport, various user groups have different requirements for their digital experiences across multiple touchpoints.

Our team crafted a pitch with the user experience at its core. The pitch was focused on the Smiths, a family on their way to the airport to fly out for their yearly holiday. The story evolved on the base that this customer segment found airports quite stressful. We built on what the family looked like, how they are likely to travel to the airport, and potential pain points. Then, we elaborated on how the website would help them.

"Quba took the time to gain insights from a range of people within its own business. The resulting UX piece had substantial depth in both the thinking and the execution."
Paul McNulty, eCommerce Manager, London Luton Airport

Crafting our approach

To create an improved user experience that would satisfy the needs of travellers, we worked with LLA to:

  • Investigate the end users, by splitting them into user groups, drilling down on their wants, needs and pain points, and leveraging the insights to inform our solution.
  • Question the navigation to various types of content, and the informational and service needs these covered, creating an effortless flow to the most relevant information for users. 
  • Identify key information that travellers would need to monitor and be updated on. We leveraged commercial arrangement which were in place already and innovative solutions to ensure users would be able to access up to date information according to their needs
  • Focus on user experience and design to inform the choice of technology, picking Kentico for its well featured, integrated eCommerce engine and advanced web personalisation and marketing automation tools.

Making the difference

The end result is a user experience that goes above and beyond to accommodate wide range of requirements for LLA’s travellers. The benefits of the airport's new website are numerous, including:

  • A coordinated hub of information at the service of travellers, through multiple integrations that span flight systems, travel services and the parking reservation software.
  • An online and offline navigation that is continuously in sync with the most updated information, the option to pin displays to a browser and on-site screens that support the offline journey.
  • Increased revenue through frictionless online booking processes.
  • A powerful platform that maximises the benefits of the digital solution for end users, through powerful features, multiple integrations and advanced personalisation capabilities.
  • Improved communication with travellers that highlights the airport’s new brand.

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