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Do you foresee the need to manage content across multiple channels such as multiple websites, information screens, smart phone apps?

Do you have more than one person editing content?

Are you looking to integrate with specialist marketing software such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, etc?

Do you need to easily integrate with a variety of cloud based tools and services? Either now or in the future?

Do you have the capabilities within your team to keep a platform regularly updated and secure?

Is scalability an important factor in your decision? Are you looking to expand your digital presence across other digital channels?

Do you have a long term plan for your content delivery, website, or CMS?

Of the following, please rate what are the important features of the CMS either now or in the future:


Delivery of content across multiple channels such as computers, phones and smart devices.

Integration with cloud systems

Cloud integration is a system of tools and technologies that connects various applications, systems, repositories, and IT environments for the real-time exchange of data and processes.

Marketing features built in

Features such as email marketing, multivariant testing and performance tracking.

Collaboration tools

Empower teams to collaborate with enhanced workflows, powerful live preview editorial experience, and streamlined teamwork.

Enhanced levels of security

Protecting your data using a multilayered security strategy and real-time threat monitoring.

How much would you expect to budget for licence fees for your website platform or CMS per annum?


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