Matt Jones Matt Jones | 18 Mar 2024

A decade on from when Lamborghini unleashed the Huracan, showcasing breathtaking speed and innovation, the car industry finds itself in a similarly transformative era, but on the digital front. This past decade has seen a seismic shift towards digital platforms, electric vehicles (EVs), and a consumer demand for online convenience, reshaping how automotive sales operate in the UK. This revolution, while not measured in horsepower, has been just as impactful, driving the industry towards a future where digital engagement and sales strategies are winning the customer engagement route.

Shift in consumer expectations

The transition has been marked by a significant shift in consumer expectations. Today’s buyers, especially the younger, time-poor generations, are looking for an online experience that rivals the tactile and olfactory sensory overload of visiting a dealership. They want the depth of information and the personal attention of a showroom visit, but from the comfort of their homes. Dealerships and manufacturers are responding by deploying virtual showrooms, online booking for test drives, and streamlined purchasing processes online. The challenge is clear: integrate digital deeply and effectively into the automotive sales experience.

Success in this new landscape is tangible for those who've embraced the digital shift. Companies leveraging online tools and platforms report enhanced customer engagement, increased sales, and higher satisfaction levels. This success underscores the importance of a digital-first approach, highlighting the need for automotive businesses to adapt to stay relevant and competitive.

Innovative technologies  

Looking ahead, the industry's horizon is teeming with potential for further innovation. Technologies such as augmented reality (AR) for immersive online showrooms and AI-driven customer service promise to redefine the boundaries of digital engagement in automotive sales. The focus is on creating a seamless, engaging, and efficient online journey that mirrors the excitement of the traditional car buying experience, and then enhancing it further.

However it’s not just about digital change. Many dealerships are looking at other solutions such as offering new finance products to entice customers - which during this time of high inflation and interest rates offers many opportunities for innovation - or at least access - to new methods of financing cars, and ultimately snagging more customers.

Brand is another area where there’s change. As the ‘agency’ model of dealerships become more predominant, many dealerships are looking to re-establish their own brands rather than trading off the big names of the manufacturers they diligently serve. This in itself presents a range of new opportunities and challenges, with many dealerships focusing on at least one physical visit to a dealership to close sales.

Change in customer habits 

Fundamentally, everything that’s being done is built around the changing habits of customers, accelerated by digital transformation and consumer habits shifting. Dealerships are looking to change what they are doing to offer the same convenience as brands like Cinch, but attempting to keep their niche, which is family-run, friendly and long-term service - ultimately, build trust.

Reflecting on this journey of change, Quba plays a crucial role, much like the engineers behind the Lamborghini Huracan, in pushing the boundaries of what's possible. This amazing car wasn’t produced through business-as-usual thinking, but by creativity and engineering having a face off.

With a  pragmatic approach, expertise in digital strategy and a deep understanding of the automotive sector, Quba is equipped to help companies navigate the twists and turns of digital transformation across many industries. 

Just as the Huracan marked a new chapter for Lamborghini, this digital era heralds a new age for automotive sales, promising a future that's as exciting as it is innovative. Interested in finding out more? Contact us today on 0114 279 7779 or use the provided contact form to explore the next steps.