Matt Jones Matt Jones | 23 Jun 2024

Recite Me, known for their comprehensive on-demand accessibility solutions, plays a pivotal role in helping organisations adhere to WCAG standards, thereby enhancing the user experience for individuals facing disabilities, situational challenges, and language barriers. 

Collaborating with Recite Me

Last year, our collaboration with Recite Me significantly enhanced our own website's accessibility features. Impressed by their solutions, we've successfully integrated these enhancements across several client websites, including notable names such as [list clients]. 

We are delighted to announce that following this partnership our Technical Director, Ben Franklin, has been appointed as a Recite Me ambassador. In this role, Ben will join a network of experts dedicated to creating inclusive digital environments and promoting accessibility awareness. Together, we aim to drive positive change and dismantle the barriers that prevent full digital inclusivity. 

Ben Franklin expressed his enthusiasm about his new role: "It's an honour to be selected as a Recite Me ambassador. At Quba, we are deeply committed to accessibility, and this appointment reinforces our ability to support our clients in creating more accessible and inclusive digital experiences." 

Commercial advantage

Recite Me's products not only help our clients meet legal accessibility requirements but also provide commercial advantages by broadening audience reach and engagement. 

If you're looking to enhance your website's accessibility and want to learn more about how Recite Me can assist you, please contact us. Our accessibility experts are ready to help you make your digital content universally accessible and inclusive.